You Are It!

You Are It!

That thing you are seeking – it’s you. That person you are looking to attract. Guess who? You. Our journey on Earth is to find our Divine Self hidden in the nooks and crannies of our mind, unfettered by illusions and fantasies, but absolutely lighting up our hearts, our souls and our world.

Joseph Campbell tells us: “when Jesus says, “I am the all,” he means: I have identified myself with the all.” So yes. The all is you. Now before you start thinking that applies to Jesus but not to you, understand this: Jesus came as an example to show us what Love looks like. We are no different from him. We too have the capacity to be the love we wish to see. We too have the capacity to embrace our relationship with God so earnestly that we let Spirit give us blessed assurance in times of challenge.

Moving into this Christmas season now gives us an opportunity to use our spiritual muscles. By being willing to be more available to our brothers and sisters, we are being the face of God – just as the Divine planned it. Spirit is always present. How do I know? There are times when someone is being helpful or friendly or supportive. That’s God! And guess what, there are times when someone is challenging us to be more – that is God too!

God, or Spirit (or Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh) or any other name is the Energy within us that reveals Love, Peace, Beauty, Freedom, Harmony, Compassion, Support, Supply, Substance – in other words, the all-ness. As Campbell references the Gospel of Thomas in “Thou Art That”: He who drinks from my mouth will become as I am, and I shall be he”. Well, God has no physical mouth but whatever it reveals through us, as we allow It to do, we are becoming as God is. So we here we are in the advent of our Christhood, which is another word for being prepared to be in our oneness with God.

We let the Light of Spirit’s unconditional, tender, rich, juicy Love shine through us. This is enlightenment. The Light of God in us is how we recognize the Presence. They know us by our fruit. It may be an act of kindness, a smile, a gift of time or a gift of gratitude. Whatever it is that you do through your connection with the One is you being in the sanctity of your temple. Our temple is the vessel that occupies the holiness – the Wholeness of Life Itself. As humans, our bodies are the vessel but only because our body houses our Spirit. We need not try to find Spirit’s physical location. Just feel where the Love is calling and that is the holy of holies – the sweet spot where God is hot! Hot meaning clearly felt!!

There just simply isn’t a place where God is absent. This Spirit is in you. So, yes. You are It!

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