Celeste started writing poetry as a child and continued for decades to do so. In addition to her own anthology of poetry, she collaborated with African American writers in Los Angeles to publish Renaissance Pages, History Pages, Love Between The Pages And Kwanzaa Pages. She wrote her first play, “Tragedy’s Blossom” in 1979 produced in 1980. Since that time, she went on to write several scripts for the stage, television and film. Celeste worked with the Los Angeles Black Playwrights and theatrical company, West Coast Ensemble to develop her early career dramatic writing. Her scripts have been produced in several Los Angeles theaters. A third of her scripts have been directed by Ms. Frazier herself. Her video of “A Dream Deferred” garnered an award from the Black American Cinema Society and is available in the Special Collections of the Los Angeles Public Library. Other workshop productions and readings have taken place on the East Coast and Midwest as well. Celeste is the screenwriter for four films, including the AFI-produced “VOWS”, based on her play, “Empathy”. Her poetry, short stories and essays have been published in various publications over the years. Rev. Celeste’s book entitled “In Spirit, In Love” is composed of some of her spiritual poetry and spiritual essays, and her book, “Divine Work Play” is – as the subtitle indicates, 52 Weeks of Practicing the Presence – with special spiritual practices accompanying each week’s invitation into Truth. Her newest book, “Common Miracles, Frequent Illusions (released in August 2022) explores A Course in Miracles, her discoveries about herself, the application of forgiveness and the acceptance of oneness. All three books are available on Amazon.com. Celeste has been a contributing writer to several e-zines and spiritual magazines, including Science of Mind Magazine, Creative Thinking, Infinite Field Magazine, Creative Thought and Inner Visions. She is a blogger so see her blog here on the site.

“Author Celeste A. Frazier’s book ‘Divine Work Play’ is a spiritual gem for all mystics. Reading each entry you are introduced or reintroduced to spiritual writings and quotes from historical and present day metaphysicians who consistently affirm the reader’s wholeness. Parables strengthen our resolve to live as the divine in our work and play. This can be a quick read to quick start your awakening path, or spread over 52 weeks for deeper reflections and incorporation of spiritual practices that love us where we are.” – Eunice Bucknerboone
“Celeste Frazier wants you to have the most extraordinary year of your life – and she can show you how. In her latest work, “Divine Work-Play – 52 Weeks of Practicing the Presence,” author Celeste Frazier has crafted a week-by-week playbook for upping our game of life. Through contemplative teaching stories, gentle spiritual practices, weekly personal self-disclosures and insightful narrative, this compendium of wisdom is a beacon for transformation. A relevant, transformative guide to a positive future.” – Mary Beth Speer