The Colors of Love: The Care, the Passion and the Understanding

They say that Love is many splendored. And, at face value, one might assume that phrase means love is brilliant and gorgeous, magnificent and grand. And it is all of that. To say that Love is important is an understatement. It’s more than a thing. It’s a quality. It’s an adventure. It’s the Power of Life. It’s the Presence of Peace. It’s the glorious energy of unconditional support. It is infinite supply and substance. It is compassion and guidance; it is joy and harmony. Love is God.

And, as limiting as the word God may seem to some, it somehow gives us reason to know that anything equated with God is essential to life itself. It is goodness. How Love shows Its face cannot be limited to any particular color, shade, hue or tint. Its expression of Light creates so many possibilities for us to see and so many emotions are evoked by each angle and volume of light. To begin to understand the vital nature of Love is to begin to understand ourselves.

Love is pure caring. It is untainted, whole, natural and healthy. That’s a clue right there that we must exercise discernment when we use the word Love. It does not come with conditions. It does not come with resentment. It does not come with extraneous stuff. Love is enough on its own. Drama is not required. Fear has no place in Love.

Translucent love is inspirational and creative and full of options for us to explore. In our hearts we know the presence of Love that is generous and fulfilling and brings us into ecstasy. The passion of Love excites us beyond measure.

Self-Love is directing that Peace, Support, Supply and goodness to ourselves. For me to know self-love means I pay attention to my needs and I make choices that are best for my well-being. I consider my health, my wealth, my pleasure, my comfort and my creativity. I allow the Majestic Magic of the Most High to guide and direct me into my greatest yet to be!

I am grateful for the serenity that this Unconditional Love brings. I am free to see life as an adventure and I get to design the ride! I am so thankful for the safety net that Love has for me. It will never let me fall, fail or forget Its Grace.

Understanding the Power of this Support seems overwhelming to grasp and yet allowing even the slightest bit of belief that It is there gives me confidence. I test the waters by relaxing into this Love. I experience the greatest level of Joy. Love is all!

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