Celeste Frazier is the perfect choice for your keynote speaker, your workshop facilitator or as mistress of ceremonies for your program. As a speaker, Celeste has a way of making the most complex theories easy to understand in accessible, every day language. As a workshop facilitator, she will get to the heart of the matter and assist you in revealing your Self to your self. As a mistress of ceremonies, Celeste has a loving way of honoring everyone on the program and exciting audiences so that they cannot wait to see what is next on the program. If you want passion and power, contact Rev. Celeste A. Frazier for your next program!

Spiritual Power

October 16, 2022

Let’s Get Naked!!

January 16, 2022
To have real conversations with humans and all of life, we have to start with a conversation with God. It's where we listen more than we talk. Care and connection between leaders…


November 28, 2021

Tune In and Turn It Up

August 8, 2021
https:/http://https://youtu.be/PytWCtV1nIk   At Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia You are one with your good. Your value is not tied to the effects that occur. You are tied to the…
“Reverend Celeste is a dynamic and grounded speaker. Be prepared to be hear a substantive message.” – Bobbie Hall 

“I had the pleasure of attending a Power of Oneness Spiritual Center-sponsored showing of a quantum physics movie, immediately followed by a discussion expertly led by Rev. Celeste. Her questions were challenging and thought-provoking, and she inspired us to view ourselves, God and Life in a more evolutionary manner.” – Patricia Arnold