Graceful Gratitude

Graceful describes a smoothness about something, a style. And grace is a blessing. God’s style is benevolence and it can show up in an animal, a vegetable or a mineral. There’s an abundance of expressions of this grace. Its beauty is revealed in an abundance of ways. Some call God merciful and diminish us to pitiful beings who are craving the slightest bit of kindness. I prefer grace and benevolence as ways to describe the indescribable. This Compassion, this generous goodness has no limits to Its love.

And to think that I claim to be an expression of It almost seems boastful and vain. Dare I pride myself as self-important without feeling inflated and pompous? Yes. I believe I can. For I believe that this awesome Creator is so abundantly expressive that it will use any and everything to reveal Itself to Itself. And It does so with ample more to give. It profusely multiplies and dazzles us with liberal giving.

I, merely one of Its copious expressions, get to enjoy a plethora of demonstrations of Its Love. And I do acknowledge this bountiful Life Energy with gratitude. I have an appreciation for the many gifts I am privy to as an heir of this Abundant Life. And I have the good sense to be grateful for this knowledge. It is Wisdom realized and embodied – on a good day.

On a good day, I am aware that I live in a realm of the Absolute that is rarefied. Its profundity is oft above my awareness. And yet, when I get a glimpse of my access, I am humbled and amazed by the magnitude of Its Power and of Its Goodness. I am humbled that I have a right to use It and that Its door remains open to my admittance.

Gratitude is a pittance return and in no way could I ever imagine this to be an equitable exchange. But a desired evenness is a product of the ego and any attempt to measure or compare is as limited in its scope as my capacity to understand its breadth.

I shan’t attempt to do so for as the old folks say: “You can’t beat God giving – no matter how you try!” I am relieved to know, however, that my capacity to understand the flow is growing. Gratitude opens the way for Grace to flow my way.

Giving thanks is a way of acknowledging a gift. The gift may not be wrapped up fancy-like or it may not even be a tangible gift. The way we know it is a gift is because of the feeling we derive from receiving it. It could be the feeling of surprise. It could be the feeling of amazement. It could be the feeling of love. It could be the feeling of satisfaction. It could be relief for a need met. Gratitude for all that God gives is met with more blessings! That level of goodness is incalculable.

Most of the time, we don’t even realize that feeling we gain in gratitude is relief to a yearning soul. There is an aspect of us that is catered to and nurtured in such a way that we know from the deepest place in our heart that it must be God!

Those moments of receiving something unexpected may be thought to be much sweeter than whatever one might expect. And yet, how can I not expect God’s good. Each time that I do, I am touching upon my own divinity. I am wielding the Power that has been gifted to me. I venture to think that my expectancy is expected. That doesn’t brand me as a privileged brat. It simply confirms that I know of the Stuff from which I am made. So here I am, armed with audacity to think that God insists that I expect Its good. How can I do so? By noticing how, each time I make a demand upon Law (the Mind of God acting upon Itself), my prayers are answered. Each time I trust, I am lifted. Each time I let go, I am carried. Each time I surrender, I am fortified. Each time I give thanks, my inner light glows brighter. I can only aim to be graceful with grace. For having the capacity to stylishly sport my divine inheritance is to simply and confidently graciously accept my Good.

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