From Hatred To Harmony

I was one of the guests of Tracy Brown’s day-long live summit “From Hatred to Harmony” which was broadcast on YouTube and Facebook. I gave my views on the relationship between spirituality and racism. When I was asked why I, as a minister, find racism to be an important, I responded in principle. When we say that all of us are individualizations of the one Spirit, that means I can’t not care about another aspect of Spirit. Jesus the Christ showed us how to take care of each other and that categories and societal assumptions do not matter. I must be authentic by being in my loving.

As a minister, I am here to aid in any way possible. Since Heaven is within us, the Being that is my support lives in me. I get to be an expression of that Support. As humans, we have emotions. We get irritated. We feel danger. I have to deal with my fears of not being safe by accepting the truth that Freedom from every discord is surely to be attained by me. I start by freeing my mind.

To really know oneness, I get to release the thoughts of the past and be prompted by the Presence to blanket my love over everybody. I get opportunities to free my mind without doing a spiritual bypass. I get to inquire as to what new understanding is available to me.

Please watch and consider my feelings about hatred, harmony, freedom, truth and oneness.


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