Embodying Truth

Being grounded in Principle means more than being able to quote a spiritual teacher. It means applying Principle to our lives. Applying principles to your life is what metaphysicians do. We take a concept of spiritual Truth and use it in our every day lives. We become the laboratory. There’s more than an observer effect here. We are active agents in getting the results we seek.

More important than the getting is the being. Being pure in heart, for example, is being love. It means being available to love, to receive love, to see what Love feels like and acts like.

The Friday, January 17th Community Peace Circle at East Bay is about gentrification. Being present to what is in our community includes being with our authentic emotions. Beyond the emotions derived from pain, there is an underlying Feeling – a quality of God that is seeking to emerge.

Unless and until we are grounded in Principle, we will not be able to truly access Love. Being able to rise requires us to access Love. Accessing Love and embodying its beautiful energy heals, transforms and lifts us.

If we are beginning anew with a 2020 vision, we have the clarity to let Love lead.

When we embark on the study of Egyptology, for example, we enable ourselves to see the timelessness of Principle. When we engage in a Prosperity practice, we become awakened to the plethora of blessings that already exist in our lives. The gratitude that emerges then opens up the doors and windows to even more blessings.

As we strengthen our meditation practice and embrace treatment as an embodiment of the Divine, this surrender allows us to change our lives into greater expressions of God. The Truth In us becomes Truth as us.

When we participate in our classes and the Sunday and Wednesday services, we get anchored in Truth. Yet during the week we may feel a rising of the tide. Let’s use the principles and the practices we learn to keep us above the storms of life Staying the Course will ensure that we rise together with Love.

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