In my exploration of my Divine Identity, there is always an adventure, a challenge to know “thyself” in a greater way. I find it fascinating and enlightening. I find it refreshing and even maddening at times. So, there is nothing at all that is dull about it. Life is exciting and the ride is thrilling!

Embodying Truth

Being grounded in Principle means more than being able to quote a spiritual teacher. It means applying Principle to our lives. Applying principles to your life is what metaphysicians do. We take a concept of spiritual Truth and use it in our every day lives. We become the laboratory. There’s more than an observer effect

You Are It!

You Are It! That thing you are seeking – it’s you. That person you are looking to attract. Guess who? You. Our journey on Earth is to find our Divine Self hidden in the nooks and crannies of our mind, unfettered by illusions and fantasies, but absolutely lighting up our hearts, our souls and our

Graceful Gratitude

Graceful describes a smoothness about something, a style. And grace is a blessing. God’s style is benevolence and it can show up in an animal, a vegetable or a mineral. There’s an abundance of expressions of this grace. Its beauty is revealed in an abundance of ways. Some call God merciful and diminish us to