Celeste wrote some of this poetry during the time span of 1997 through 2002, prior to and throughout her practitioner training while at the Agape International Spiritual Center when she was leading an ministry called the Agape Roadshow.  Part of the work that she did in convalescent homes, children’s hospitals, hospice and prisons including bringing inspirational messages.  Some of these were in the forms of these poems.

Many of Celeste’s poems can be found in the following books:

  • History Pages
  • In Spirit, In Love
  • Kwanzaa Pages
  • Love Between the Pages
  • Renaissance Pages

There are a few online as well in such e-zines as the Infinite Field Magazine (April through June 2010) and Creative Thinking (2015).


I have been asked in

quite a bit as of late.

Happily I consent to go on

the brief yet full date.

I’m not taken anywhere away

but right here at home I would stay,

not in my living room or even my bath

but where I go is on my own path

into the quiet, the joyful serene,

the only location where Truth can be seen.

Beyond closed eyes and darkened rooms,

beyond scary ghosts and deserted tombs

into the space of eternal abyss,

into the face of perpetual bliss.

Embracing the quiet,

erasing the riot

of struggle and strife from my mind,

escaping the diet

of negative thoughts that entwine

the present and future with the past,

for time itself doesn’t last.

So in the now

I make a vow

that has no boundaries of space,

that has no quandaries of race

consciousness on which to rely,

lot or cautiousness to deny

acceptance of

For there is nothing outside of the all.

It’s Within.

And in there is no with


There is no out.

so rather than seeking something outside of self,

I’d rather be being my Self.

I’m home, always home.

I am at home within.

~ Celeste A. Frazier
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During this particular time

I chose not to call you.

This was not an option to entertain.

Yet you were there.
During this particular time,

I decided not to crawl into your big, strong, loving arms

and let you comfort me.

Yet you were there.
During this particular time,

I chose not to see your face.

You should not have allowed me to feel this empty.

Yet you were there.
During this particular time,

I had convinced myself that one of us

was not worthy of the other

and that I should not feel this despair.

Yet you were there.
During this particular time,

I chose not to think of you

for that would mean surrender.

Yet you were there.
During this particular time,

everywhere I turned, there was evidence of your presence.

I refuse to need you.

Yet you were there.
During this particular time,

you held me anyway.

I had no needs.

You were there.

~ Celeste A. Frazier
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I am not helpless.

I have God as my arms

my legs

my mind

my heart.
I have all strength

that there is.

I have all power.

I have all knowing.

I am the light.
I shine the love of God

in your direction.
I spread peace like

hot butter

on your soul

by simply smiling

at you.

~ Celeste A. Frazier
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The Center of All Life is the heart of knowing.
The heart beats in celebration of Its Joy flowing.

Infinite Peace imbues Its being
while intuitive Light makes for right seeing.

Beyond illusions of fears and woes
and acting out conflicts –
the One Mind knows.

Together, we’re a composite of the one Mother
here to support and be kind to each other.

The One Life expresses in so many ways
and human life is just one phase
of expanding Itself in Love and Compassion
while effects consciousness receives Love as a ration.

Beyond the senses, Spirit awakes as you
And Life is revealed as fresh, vibrant and new.

Creativity thirsts!
Passion bursts!

Life releases Its Power
this hour
in delight of Soul –
always Whole
responding to Love’s call
in deference to the All.

This moment.  This now –
unconcerned with how –

the heart is free to be
both she and he
both thee and me –
in One

Eternal life transcends.
The drama ends.
The sacred heart ascends.

~ Celeste A. Frazier
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God is a blue

wave with a white cap


on to the sand.

God is so smooth.

~ Celeste A. Frazier
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I have arrived at the Well.
It may or may not matter how I got there.

Yet I don’t know that I should drink of it.

I am too innocent at first.
Then, too proud.
I am not equipped.

I stare at the Well.
It is appealing.
I thirst.
They give me water yet I am parched.
For it is not from the Well.

They dunk me in the water
and I am cleansed on the outside.
My inside begins to seep out.

I release the shackle.
I am no longer a slave of the world.
I have touched the Hem.
I have caught a glimpse of His mercy.

Her Love is elusive.

I cannot grasp it but I am honored to be the object of Its Love.
I have followed the footsteps to the Well
and it is safe to be here.
I lower my ladle to drink of It

and It is Peace.
I lower myself gently into the Well.

I immerse myself in It inch-by-inch.
I am transformed.

~ Celeste A. Frazier
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When I think about You
I am so full.

Your Love expands my heart
as a balloon —
sending me soaring
through stratospheres and
hemispheres and
right here,
right now.

I know that You exist inside of me
I am so honored,
so thrilled,
so humbled.

I am so very complete.

~ Celeste A. Frazier
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