This is a picture of Rev. Celeste facilitating a workshop called People Gathered for Peace. The workshop brought together community leaders from Englewood (a Chicago neighborhood), The Peace School and Ceasefire as well as residents throughout Chicago. People were invited to discuss solutions in a safe format. Each breakout took a specific area such as Relieving Stress from our Bodies/Being Kind to Ourselves, Empowering our Youth, Spiritual Practices for Embodying Peace, Care, Comfort and Compassion (including restorative justice) and more, for the purposes of moving out of the trauma of violence and into a real sense of wholeness. Participants were also given the opportunity to support legislation brought by the Illinois Campaign Against Handgun Violence. In this workshop, relationships were built and solutions became real.

Celeste A. Frazier loves giving workshops because it allows her to put spiritual principles into practice. Rev. Celeste is particularly fond of giving visioning workshops because she gets to be the midwife for individuals, churches, spiritual centers, corporations and organizations who are seeking to birth something new in their development. Celeste facilitates visionings for life purpose, for health, for prosperity, for career, for relationships, for spiritual community and for the planet and is open to supporting you in visioning for your specific life work. She has facilitated visioning workshops across the country.

As a CSL Diversity Trainer, she has explored diversity, inclusion and spirituality to see how these concepts can help to create a world that works for everyone. In the aftermath of events in Ferguson and Staten Island, Rev. Celeste developed a healing forum called “Listening from Love”, enabling individual faith centers to have a community dialogue for healing at the individual and community levels for the purpose of embodying true wholeness. 

Celeste facilitates a race relations workshop entitled “Being Free to Love”. In this, she utilizes many day-to-day experiences in our lives and our belief systems and assumptions about one another. She aligns them with the intentions of understanding, freedom, release from stifling beliefs and old baggage in the way of racial pain, religious intolerance and judgments around nationalities.

Rev. Celeste facilitates “A Course in Miracles” Saturday morning lessons on the second Saturday of the month on Facebook Live at 8:30 am Pacific Time! Join her for an online study, dialogue and devotion.