Rev. Celeste officiates weddings with love. She encourages couples to do counseling with her in preparation for this threshold, but she supports the service at a minimum with an initial meeting and discussion of services available. She is particularly enthusiastic about doing same sex ceremonies, and welcomes the opportunity to officiate the ceremony of your union.

Rev. Celeste officiates funerals and memorial services.  She will support you through your grieving process, get to know more about your beloved one, support you in developing a ceremony that will honor your loved one and will leave you with a powerful message to support your new awareness of the gifts that you learned from the one you are releasing.  It is a wonderfully moving experience for all concerned.

Rev. Celeste will support you and your family graveside as well with a simple interment ceremony where all are welcome to participate.

Rev. Celeste will do your christenings for your precious newborn or an older child.  She will support the young one with love and spiritual awakening.  Rev. Celeste does house blessings to clear your space and support your home with an energy of freedom and love.  Rev. Celeste can assist you in designing a ritual for your special occasion. 

If you’d like Rev Celeste to officiate your ceremony please

 contact her.