revc302x275A spiritual leader, Rev. Celeste began her Religious  Science studies at Agape International Spiritual Center in California.   She became a licensed practitioner and then went on to study at Holmes Institute, where she received a Masters degree  in Consciousness Studies.

In 2007, Rev. Celeste opened a new work in Chicago called Power of Oneness Spiritual Center, where she served for seven years. Rev. Celeste has directed outreach ministries to convalescent homes, children’s hospitals, hospices and prisons providing shut-ins with love and light.  Rev. Frazier has been the guest speaker or facilitator across the country, including Religious Science centers, Unity centers and other New Thought centers, the International Centers for Spiritual Living annual conference, the International New Thought Association annual conference and the INTA Ministry Development conference.  Rev. Celeste A. Frazier is an ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living. 

Rev. Celeste was the Spiritual Leader of the DuPage Center for Spiritual Living. Celeste is a Diversity Trainer for the Centers for Spiritual Living. Rev. Celeste regularly facilitates visioning workshops in churches as well as for individuals and corporations.  Rev. Celeste teaches classes and transformational workshops.  Rev. Celeste is a concerned community activist with a global consciousness. Rev. Celeste works with local community organizations to facilitate social justice advancements in the areas of minimizing violence and restorative justice. Celeste has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drama from the University of Southern California.  She has a background as an actress, director and producer. Celeste’s book, “In Spirit, In Love” is available on Amazon.

Celeste is also produced playwright and screenwriter as well as a published poet and essayist.  Rev. C blogs. Rev. Celeste has contributed her writing to the online newsletters for Common Peace, and the Infinite Field Magazine as well as to Agape’s “Inner Visions,” “Creative Thought” magazine the “Science of Mind Magazine” and “Creative Thinking”. Rev. Celeste is passionate about sharing spiritual principles through love and creativity.