Garden of Gethsemane

ivotedI awakened in the Garden of Gethsemane. There was an impending awareness that oneness was being sought in order to be destroyed, after a customary trial of the locals to verify that the subject is indeed guilty of treason. I cried as I prayed to Father-Mother God. And, as is indicative of my Christhood, I agreed, not my will Father, but Thy will.

It is the morning after the elections in the United States and I am hurt. My feelings are hurt because I feel as though my body will be attacked. My physical body is the least of my worries. The body that I am fearful for is my body of work. My life’s work has been toward oneness — in favor of oneness, in support of healing, in fights for justice and in prayer for one people, one spirit.

And yet I know that oneness can never really be attacked. There is no attack. However, for those not privy to the realm of the Absolute, where nothing dies, attack is less than a notion and Life is eternal, I feel some compassion and I am concerned. For there are those who are hurting like my human self is hurting this morning. There are those who are troubled. Some fear that walls that will be created. Others fear the tiny, worn threads of justice that have been sewed will be unraveled. Others are triumphant that the righteous will be restored to their place of higher power, better seating and privileged desires to be realized again — never to be threatened again by anything called equality or freedom for all.

The country that I was born in for this incarnation is the United States of America and although I was taught that it stands for everyone’s life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, there is evidence that the very foundation of this ideal has been neglected, abused and forgotten. When there are those seated in the perception of power who can not stand in affirmations but in denials and separations, there is cause for concern. When the laws that apply to the citizenry are ignored for the privileged and appointed human royalty, justice appears to be under attack.

These are the times for which I was born. I know this because my Spirit knows what is True. My soul is saying yes to a greater emergence of my convictions. My mind is willing to serve my Essence and my ego is content to be laid aside — even though it may mean its extinction.

Oneness will never be under attack. Oneness will never be crucified. Oneness will never be put on trial. Oneness will never be spit upon or slapped. Oneness will always be the Truth of what is. Oneness is Who We Are. Oneness is our wholeness. We lack nothing. We are limited by no-thing. God is able.

It not only will be alright, but it is already alright. God has spoken. I surrender. All is well with my soul.

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